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Over 40 years of

Hands-on Experience


The Experience and Insight You Need

With over 40 years of executive leadership experience in the challenging  government, law enforcement, and banking industries, Cassi lends invaluable experience and insight to every engagement.

The Connections and Storytelling You’re Missing

Cassi’s vast network of national and state trade associations, federal regulatory agencies, law enforcement, and legislative bodies showcases her agility and deep understanding of today’s workplace expectations. Her ability to translate lessons learned and inspire teams through captivating stories goes unmatched.

The Skills and Knowledge You’re Looking for

Cassi’s professional development expertise has helped teams ranging from federal law enforcement and accredited universities to private sector corporations and banking associations. She has the skills to maximize your team’s effectiveness and cohesion.

Cassi M. Chandler

Founder, President, and Chief Executive Officer

Cassandra “Cassi” Chandler is an innovator, strategist, investigator, and leader who has broken barriers, led diverse teams, and built cultures of motivational leadership and inclusivity at some of the world’s most important organizations, including Bank of America and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). 

Chandler’s exceptional career has included many “firsts” across the U.S. Government and financial services industries. To name a few, Chandler served as the FBI’s first Black American female Special Agent Assistant Director as well as the Bureau’s first female national spokesperson and Director of Public and Community Affairs. As Founder, President, and Chief Executive Officer of Vigeo Alliance – a leadership and talent risk management firm elevating organizations’ workplace cultures through motivational leadership, inclusion, and equitable management practices – Chandler continues her lifelong mission of supporting the next generation of industry leaders so they too can break barriers and set new standards as the ‘firsts’.

Exclusively represented by the Leading Authorities speakers bureau, Chandler draws from her personal experiences leading diverse teams as a change agent in a broad range of fields to facilitate honest conversations on what can be achieved when organizations go “all in” on diversity. In addition to defining the tools motivational leaders need to mindfully build more high-performing cultures, Chandler provides actionable insights on how to move the needle while leading with empathy. An engaging storyteller, she immerses audiences as she retraces her journey reinvigorating the world’s leading intelligence organizations in the post-9/11 landscape, managing risk, and driving global equity at one of the world’s top multi-national banks. Her exploration of the influences that impact perceptions of diversity is integral for any organization focused on establishing a more inclusive vision.

Prior to Vigeo Alliance, Chandler was senior vice president for business operations at Bank of America, where she led enterprise-wide teams and developed integrated frameworks for identifying and addressing cybercrimes, fraud trends, and consumer risks. She also served on the corporation’s Global Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Council and led the bank’s compliance relationships with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). Before Bank of America, she spent 23 years with the FBI, where she directed white collar crimes, financial crimes, terrorism, and cybercrimes investigations and foreign intelligence 


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